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Polka Dot Cats Italian Excellence at Your Home with a Click!

We are often asked “How did you come up with the idea of opening Polka dot cats? To sell High Quality Made in Italy Socks and Accessories, Online..?” In addition to a bit of madness, the answer is that the idea came to us from abroad.. alas, yes, innovative ideas often come first to others. But then we ITALIANS arrive and we manage with our Genius and Class, unique in the world, to re-elaborate and make a Draft of an Idea Unique. We of Polka dot cats, we have added to the Idea of sell online, to ship to your home in 24/48 hours, the quality! And this is not obvious .. indeed .. let's say that it is almost unique in the Belpaese! Hence the belief e the basic RULE of Cats in Polka Dots: Design, Produce and Sell only Products made with Strictly Italian Natural Yarns! From A to Z. Production carried out and followed by us PERSONALLY, in HISTORIC Italian hosiery factories, mostly family-run and GENERATIONS.

So we got the desired result. The best socks we could get in terms of quality. Then, from there, we also started an Aesthetic research, he continues.. which starts from our country but which unites and blends multi-ethnic colors and atmospheres. In short, a continuous research that fascinates us more and more and that, thanks to the positive feedback from all our customers, is always growing. Our Passion grows proportionally to the growth of the appreciation we receive daily from all Our Beloved Customers. A constant exchange and monitoring of sales, a constant and very useful after-sales service for our work.


In the last two years we have added a well-organized and efficient Embroidery Department to our group. Always based on the requests shown to us by our numerous customers. From here the EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT, one of the most appreciated by all. Our Challenge has been and is currently TIME, running.. running but doing everything with precision. And thanks to the continuous relationship with GLS, in the majority of cases, we are able to respect deadlines lightning delivery!

An Order of Embroidered Socks arrives.. We embroider within half a day and we ship! It is also fun for us to compete with time and at the same time be able to satisfy even the most demanding customer! This is the beauty of Gatti a Pois! Furthermore, by mainly selling online, we are able to contain sales costs, maintaining the highest quality and the same list prices as 5 years ago! And fans of Socks and Made in Italy products they know it well and they will never leave us! On our site you will find a Chat always open, not a computerized chat… but in direct contact with Us, one of us will always answer you and will be able to advise you both for the Purchase and for the Post-Sales.

What to add..? Happy Shopping! Ah, Subscribe to Ours very important Newsletter, every week we send only one… with the Weekly Discount Code to be used for your purchase….