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How to Embroider both Socks of Your BOX!

Have you purchased a box of embroidered socks and would like to request personalized embroidery on both socks? Follow our tutorial which explains how to do it... it's really simple and intuitive!

Polka Dot Cats: the Innovative Shop-on-Line to buy Socks and more from Home!

Stockings: Polka Dot Cats. Welcome back Wrong. You all know my passion for socks. I would never stop buying them. I am constantly looking for models with original patterns that give a glamorous touch to my outfits, both for work and for free time. Often the importance of wearing the right sock is underestimated… what a big mistake!


Cats in Pois brings the Socks home to you….

The world of the web has gone beyond the boundaries of imagination, creating ''virtual'' shops in Italy as well. And Gatti a Pois, an emerging Made in Italy brand, knows it well. Gatti a Pois, has brought to Italy the French and Northern European habit of buying your socks online: comfortably from the sofa, from the bed, from the train…


Polka Dot Cats in the Best Italian Shops!

Our Shops are distributed throughout the country and are looked after personally and daily by the Gatti a Pois office. Our structure still on a human scale allows us to make minimum and very fast Orders, the assortment chosen by the Shopkeeper according to his needs can be varied and targeted ... in short, a Made to Measure relationship that satisfies everyone, especially shopkeepers who do not you find more warehouses full of unsold socks... actually 😉

New Fall/Winter Collection

Buying online, this habit is becoming more and more popular also in Italy. And he knows it well Polka dot cats, emerging brand of Made in Italy.


Gatti A Pois, Italian excellence in design

Gatti A Pois, Italian excellence in the design of men's and women's socks, anticipates the needs and fashions of each season, combining them with the refinement of precious yarns and original designs.